I need people to follow who likes Kabuto Yakushi

This is the best thing I’ve ever drawn with these two.

My name is a code, my glasses are a tool. From the very beginning i was no one. From the very beginning i had nothing.


i hope that kabuto finds all of his siblings after the war. this nerd has been lost for a very long time and he deserves to go home

maybe theyll all trade stories and kabuto will tell them absolutely everything thats happened since he left the orphanage and theyll just laugh because its so ridiculous… shy little kabuto, accomplice to THE legendary sannin orochimaru?? ahahaha thats a good one. if anything theyre happy that hes learned how to tell jokes very well

happy birthday holly gyuki!!!

I’m back

I left tumblr without saying a complete word. I’m thinking of giving tumblr a second chance, but I’m going to try to be less online, especially now when I have lots of studies to do and I really want to focus on my art. 

I do not regret leaving tumblr in such a rush and I’m not sorry for it. This is just a website. It’s not second life and I don’t see myself here when I’m 40 years old. 

But anyways, soon as I’m able to, I’m going to get myself a scanner and I want to focus a lot on traditional art.

I don’t even know if anybody even missed me or even noticed me being away for a few days. I won’t stick to this URL for so long probably because I want to make a new fresh start and I can’t do that with an URL I’ve had for over a year. I’m just sticking with it so people can recognize me.

If I see too many fights in the Naruto fandom or fights in general, I will probably leave again or unfollow all those people who reblog all these fights, I’ve seen enough of it and I can’t fucking enjoy anything anymore